Finding my path into the world of web after designing physical spaces around me.

A designer who loves designing for users.

Hello there! I am Shajitha,

My Design Philosophy

β€œFor me, design is for people, understanding them and solving their problem and most importantly communicating the objective through design.

Passion is the key to success. Learning this the hard way and enjoying what I do makes life happy.”

What do I do?

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Research Conducting
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Problem Solving
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Design Thinking
Visual Communication
Some things I've designed.

A little about me

I’m a digital product designer based in India. Also an architecture graduate. Having come from spatial design background, design to me is multifaceted.

I am very much a detail-oriented person but I also enjoy working on products end to end, from ideation all the way to development. I am happiest Β when I am designing and being part of stories that are behind creating an experience that are seamless and enjoyable.

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I enjoy little things in life

' These make it to the top of the list '
Playing with my dog Hima🐢
Dipping my feet in the ocean πŸ‘£
Dancing randomly in the night πŸ’ƒπŸ½
Burying myself in fictional novels πŸ“–

I also do this

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