Designer @ Freecharge by Axis Bank

Finding my path into the world of web after designing physical spaces around me.

A designer who loves designing for users.

Hello there! I am Shajitha,

My Philosophy

Design is never perfect.

For me, design is a necessity for everyone, and often it is overlooked. At everyone point in my process I re-question myself with why I am doing that particular and ensure my designs are aligned.

Design is a necessity.

For years in my design career, I always aimed to achieve the perfect design. But over the years, I have learnt design is continuous iterative process and gets improved at each stage.

Passion is the key to success.

By the end of the day, doing something with passion always brings the best out of a person. Be it design discussions or brainstorming, enjoy the process and best experiences are built eventually.

My Process

A Maginifying Glass emoji.
I understand a problem statement, find more about the particular topic niche.
A screw emoji.
Spend a good amount of time in researching. Talk to a lot of people in general, gather isights.
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I work on the framework. List things out and layout a plan of action.
Create user stories, journeys and  lay information based on logic.
A lot of iteration on design wireframes, back and forth design discussion. Take opinion.
Refine the design. Visually. Test the feasibility along the way.

A little about me

Product Designer

Previously worked at Freecharge by Axis Bank. Also a member of 10k Designers community.

Architect/ Interior Designer

Spatial design is been the base of my design journey and I have a great sense of understanding people’s thoughts and needs.

Airbnb Host

A great side hobby that I started, has taught me a lot including how responsive and responsible a person should be and punctuality is very crucial.

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